You’ve reached this point in your life. It’s time for your Moonen.

Moonen Yachts in the Netherlands creates unsurpassed excellence in the grand tradition of Dutch yacht building. From collaborating to create your yachting vision to relaxing in luxury in exotic destinations, owning a Moonen is a totally rewarding experience.

How it feels to own a Moonen

“Wherever we’ve been, the people who come on board at other ports,

other shipowners, everyone is really enamoured by the beauty, the quality and the uniqueness of the ship. We’re so proud to have our name on it!”

Owner of BOTTI (a 36.3m Martinique)

Together we will create the ideal Moonen for you.

We are excited to begin each new collaboration. We cherish the bond that develops between owner and our team when creating your exclusive masterpiece.

Creating your Moonen

No two Moonen yachts share the same journey.

Each of the 80 Moonen yachts delivered since 1981 reflects their owner’s unique design journey and vision. We don’t aim to build the most yachts or the biggest yachts. We simply build the best.

The Moonen fleet

Moonen news and milestones. Curious?

Take a closer look at the most recent developments at Moonen Yachts. We share personal stories of inspiration, introduce you to Moonen people and reveal how we work behind the scenes.

Moonen news

Contact me to arrange your personal introduction.

Creating your Moonen yacht is an exciting and inspiring journey. The first step starts right here. Please contact me to arrange a personal introduction to the exceptional Moonen experience.

Nicky Vierkant V2

Nicky van Zon

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