Love the space you’re in.

You’re proud to be where you are in your life. You love the ambience a Moonen yacht provides, the lifestyle and places she can take you. You appreciate the design excellence and beautiful finishes. You understand the grand tradition of Dutch steel hull yacht building that is Moonen. Owning a Moonen yacht means more enjoyment, lower operating costs and higher resale value. It’s a totally rewarding space to be in.

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Moonen Branding

“Having looked at multiple shipyards and what they had to offer,

the choice of Moonen was simple. A beautiful boat with very high build quality, smart design and layout. Add to that a great team and the decision was easy.“

— Owner of COCOON (a 37.8m Martinique)

Explore the seven seas while relaxing in spaces of your own design.

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“I have always wanted a Moonen. It’s in fact a smaller size yacht,

but can easily compare with the largest size yachts in the world quality and style wise. This yacht gives me and my family so much room for relaxing and enjoying the water.”

— Owner of KOKORO (a 36.3m Martinique)

Look for true beauty beneath the veneer.

Love the spaces you’re in with all your senses at sea, not just your sight. Behind the panelling lies the attention to detail that results in quiet comfort with low noise and vibrations. Beneath the beautiful finish is a steel hull – strong, safe and stable. Technical spaces are well-engineered with integrated systems that can be easily accessed and maintained.

Build a rapport before you build a yacht.

Creating your Moonen yacht will be a project we share. Visit our shipyard and meet the close-knit team of in-house professionals who will build your Moonen. You will sense our unwavering passion and pride. When you choose Moonen Yachts, you gain an exclusive personal team for years to come.

Unrivalled custom styling possibilities.

Creating your own Moonen means that you can customise her design, with original interiors and deck layouts tailored to your lifestyle and personal style. So when you meet your yacht in an exciting far-flung destination, you will step aboard surrounded by the spaces you love – the comfort of home. Learn more about the process of creating your Moonen.

005 Moonen Botti Under Way Aft

“The moment of delivery was just overwhelming. Just to have it arrive in the inlet, it was a jaw-dropping moment.”

— Owner of BOTTI (a 36.3m Martinique)

“I give the yacht and the yard a grade A.

“The punch list was very short. Moonen did a great job to make sure what was on the list was knocked off and anything else that’s popped up since has been handled by the shipyard very well. When the owners started thinking of a bigger boat, we immediately thought of going back to Moonen.”

— Captain Matthew Curtis of BOTTI (a 36.3m Martinique)

Never a doubt on a Moonen. Reliability we stand behind.

We’re proud to deliver every Moonen yacht with a 2-year warranty, because we know how well-built our yachts are. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from owning the most reliable yacht built by the most reliable shipyard.

Our Customer Care is your peace of mind.

After delivery, like the two rings of Moonen on your yacht, we remain connected by the build journey we shared. We know that our customers carefully choose the people they put their trust in. We value that trust and work hard to earn it. Your personal shipyard team remains ready to support you, ensuring you will enjoy years of exclusive pleasure on your Moonen yacht.

Expect a satisfying resale value someday.

Your yacht will always be a Moonen. From the day she leaves our shipyard, she will always represent the finest Moonen design and superior build quality. That’s why pre-owned Moonen yachts move quickly when they come up for sale.

Do you have any questions, or would you like additional information?

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