Skills, passion and perseverance. A match made on water.

We’re proud to sponsor the awesome Moonen Yachts Racing team in the Australian 16ft skiff league. As a Dutch superyacht builder with Australian owners, we believe competitive sailing connects us around the world, because our teams – on the water and at the shipyard – are the very best people who love getting the best results.

“The Moonen Yachts Racing team’s performance really captures who we are. We have the right team, equipment and direction.”

— Victor Caminada, Commercial Director Moonen Yachts

Airborne Moonen Yachts Racing Credit Sail Media

“Performance is key! The build, design and execution of a Moonen yacht is much like a sports team. It needs to come together with accuracy, it needs a lot of planning and many great designers, coaches and crew.”

— Daniel Turner, Skipper Moonen Yachts Racing

Leading The Way Moonen Yachts Racing Credit Sail Media

Follow Moonen Yachts Racing as they conquer Australian waters.

The high performance 16ft skiff is a unique Australian class with a fiercely competitive fleet. The extremely high sail area-to-weight ratio requires no small amount of skill and experience to sail at speeds up to 25 knots.

Moonen Yachts Racing sails out of Manly 16ft Skiff Club on Sydney Harbour. During the last few years, the team has had their hands on all the big silverware: club champions, NSW state champs, as well as taking out the Australian 2021 title in Port Stephens.

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