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In the media we often see Dutch yachts out on North Sea trials, but we rarely hear the results. At Moonen Yachts, we’d like to buck the trend and put the spotlight on how we did.

During COCOON’s sea trials, the North Sea might have been a bit frosty, but the atmosphere on board was anything but! Take a look behind the scenes and find out how the Moonen team works together with the build captain and crew to conduct successful (and enjoyable) sea trials before delivery.

The captain – Kaela Bermeister

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For Captain Kaela and her crew, the sea trials stage in the build is where it gets the most exciting. Trials are a chance to get to know the yacht, such as her recommended start-up procedures, with the technical team before the maiden voyage.

“There is no better way to learn the ins and outs of this remarkable yacht than from the builders themselves! During the sea trials many components are being used simultaneously for the first time, having these sub-contractors around is really helpful and can act as an initial handover of the bridge controls. It has been such an incredible time with Moonen since I joined the build, witnessing the skills and precision that goes into this project really makes it an honour to be a part of.”

The project manager – Ian Vermoen

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For Ian, the endurance trial at sea is just the last day of almost a week of trials that included class survey and certification, calibration and manoeuvring. In fact, COCOON’s sea trials began months in advance, when Ian began planning protocols for commissioning, measurements and safety.

“In the weeks before the sea trials, we started preparing the yacht, protecting all necessary interior areas and installing measuring equipment. In the days before the actual trials we did final commissioning of stabilisers and navigation equipment on inland waters. The speed runs and manoeuvring trials were also held on inland waters to check if she performed as designed. It was only when this was all done and the results were good, that we were ready to go out on sea on the final day.”

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