Behind the scenes

What makes a yacht a Moonen?
We went behind the scenes to find out how our technical team creates the world’s finest yachts. There is much more than meets the eye on a Moonen.

How does Moonen create the best yacht to suit each customer?

As a boutique semi-custom shipyard, Moonen Yachts can tailor each project to the owner’s personal tastes, says Noël de Keijzer, Design and Proposal Engineer. Personalised layouts for outdoor spaces are often top of the list of owner wishes.

Customised layouts

“We support each Moonen owner through the design process, for example a jacuzzi pool or Z-lift swim stairs. Whether it’s for outdoor entertaining or sunbathing, each owner has their own personal tastes that influence those decisions.”

Yn201 Cocoon Z Lift
Yn200 Botti

Expertise and support

“At Moonen we are very experienced delivering custom solutions for customers. Layouts always involve careful design consideration for service, maintenance and aesthetics. The Moonen 122 Martinique is a great example. Since the first build we have worked on many creative layouts that owners brought to the table.”

Yn205 Moonen 122 Martinique Exterior (3)
Martinique YN205
Yn197 Brigadoon Decks
Martinique YN197 BRIGADOON
Yn200 Botti Decks
Martinique YN200 BOTTI

Uncompromising dimensions

“Outdoor spaces on your Moonen yacht will make you feel that you are on a much larger yacht. You can feel it when you step up the generous stairwells and walk down the wide companionways with robust railings.”

Jc 21465

“Layouts always involve careful design consideration for service, maintenance and aesthetics.”

If you are interested in tailoring a Moonen yacht to your tastes, please contact us. A visit to our shipyard in the Netherlands will confirm the quality of our work and the dedication of our team.

Yn205 Moonen 122 Martinique Exterior (13)

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