Behind the scenes

What makes a yacht a Moonen?
We went behind the scenes to find out how our technical team creates the world’s finest yachts. There is much more than meets the eye on a Moonen.

How does Moonen ensure superior operational performance at sea?

Moonen Yacht’s Head of Mechanics, Cornee de Bruin, explains how a Moonen’s superior capability improves the owner and crew’s experience at sea.

Long-range journeys

Reaching the destinations you want to visit depends on your yacht’s capabilities. For example, Moonen yachts are designed for multi-day trips farther from yachting infrastructure. The yachts are self-sufficient. With strong system engineering and high quality build a Moonen yacht is extremely reliable. With a Moonen you are not limited to “day boat” coastal cruising between marinas. You are free to explore.

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Yn197 Brigadoon (3)
Yn205 Moonen 122 Martinique Exterior (7)

Atlantic crossings

Moonen yachts can cross the Atlantic on their own bellies thanks to their superior quality and unrestricted navigation class. Your Moonen yacht is designed to handle the open ocean with optimum safety and reliability. Motoring your Moonen across the Atlantic is cost effective and offers more flexibility compared to paying for a shipping service.

“Visit your Moonen’s engine room and you will see how easily the crew can access components, valves and oil points.”

Yn200 Botti (3)
Yn200 Botti (1)
Yn197 Brigadoon (2)

Easy access and maintenance

The mechanical systems and electrical services are meticulously designed using CAD software for efficiency use of space, comprehensive documentation, diagnostic assessment, and access for maintenance in mind. Visit your Moonen’s engine room and you will see how easily the crew can access components, valves and oil points without first dismantling machinery.

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If you are interested in the superior quality of a Moonen yacht please contact us. A visit to our shipyard in the Netherlands will confirm the quality of our work and the dedication of our team.

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