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What makes a yacht a Moonen?
We went behind the scenes to find out how our technical team creates the world’s finest yachts. There is much more than meets the eye on a Moonen.

What makes steel the best material for a Moonen?

At Moonen we only build yachts with steel hulls. Our Technical Director Nicky van Zon shares the reasons why.

Advantages of steel

Stepping on board a Moonen steel hull yacht is often a revelation for people familiar with fibreglass or aluminium boats. There is an immediate appreciation of comfort, safety and value.

  • Steel makes you feel like you are on a ship, not a boat. Steel is heavier so it sits firmly in the water. This increases stability at anchor and when cruising. You don’t have to wait for calm weather conditions to get underway.
  • Steel gives you the capability, comfort and confidence to cruise farther afield. Current Moonen yacht models have transatlantic capability. They offer global capabilities.
  • Steel absorbs vibrations better than aluminium or GRP/fibreglass, making it more comfortable.
  • Steel hulls are safer – not just in the event of a collision, but also for fire safety.
  • Steel is easier to customise than GRP/fibreglass yachts – for example adding a swim platform extension or larger windows.
  • Steel will last for generations – much longer than GRP/fibreglass. Dutch steel hull yachts built more than a century ago are still sailing today.
  • Steel is recyclable. Eventually all ships have an end of life and recycling of steel is common. Fibreglass is an environmental problem and toxic when burned.
Moonen Brand Shoot (73)
Yn205 Moonen 112 Martinique Turning Hull (2)
Tomvanoossanendji 0109 Retouch Standard


What are the trade-offs of a steel hull yacht?

  • Well-built steel yachts are more expensive and take more time to build than GRP/fibreglass. Good things take time and quality retains its value.
  • Steel hull yachts are designed for cruising with economic fuel consumption. The destination and comfort at anchor are what’s important. For those who want high speeds and limited duration journeys, lightweight fibreglass or aluminium would align better with those personal preferences.
  • Steel and seawater are not best friends. However, a properly applied paint system, such as we use at Moonen, and good inspection and maintenance processes will ensure long life and a beautiful high-quality finish.
Yn202 Moonen 110 Joining Hull & Superstructure (3)
Dsc 7616 2048x1367
Moonen Yachts Launch Yn200


Pre-owned Moonen yachts are highly valued. The brokerage market knows the quality of our steel yachts and this is reflected in the price.

“The quality of your steel hull build is a big factor in the value of your yacht.”

Moonen’s quality stems from decades of experience, the development of dedicated craftspeople and internal manufacturing capabilities that sets us apart from other shipyards. We use steel because we know it’s the right choice for our customers.

Botti Photo By Redcharlie Media 0006

If you are interested in a new steel Moonen yacht please contact us. A visit to our shipyard in the Netherlands will confirm the quality of our work and the dedication of our team.

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