Behind the scenes

What makes a yacht a Moonen?
We went behind the scenes to find out how our technical team creates the world’s finest yachts. There is much more than meets the eye on a Moonen.

What makes yacht systems future-proof on a Moonen?

We spoke with Moonen Yachts Project Manager Ian Vermoen about his current project Martinique YN205. He explains how the Moonen yacht has been built for outstanding reliability – now and well into the future.

Quality moving parts

“At Moonen, we make reliable systems a top priority in our designs. We procure OEM brands with the highest reputation. We offer a full 2-year warranty on all Moonen yachts because we know how well built our yachts are.”

Yn205 Moonen 122 Martinique Exterior

Power management

“Moonen works with trusted partners to ensure your power supply is reliable and safe. This is critical for owners and captains. Thanks to the high quality Moonen installation, you can expect lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans for your equipment.”

Jc 20828

Dual American and European use

“New Moonen yachts come with a marine shore power converter allowing for easy shore power input in both the EU and USA as well as EU and US power sockets throughout the luxury interiors. Fitting this capability during construction is much easier than retrofitting later.”

“Moonen Yachts is proud of its in-house after-sales support. If you need us, you and your crew will receive a fast personal response.

Connectivity and entertainment

“Starlink will provide high-speed connectivity at sea. We install state-of-the-art audio-visual systems with state of the art functionality. We can tailor the audio-visual system to each owner’s preferences.”

Jc 129259 Tv 1

Attention to detail

“If you visit our yachts during construction, take a close look at the cabling before the interior panels are installed. Cabling is neat, well-organised and appropriately labelled for traceability –
a sure sign that the electrical installation has received the necessary attention to detail. It also means that maintenance and troubleshooting is efficient.”

Support when you need it

“Moonen Yachts is proud of its in-house after-sales support. If you need us, you and your crew will receive a fast personal response. Our staff know the yachts inside-out and can quickly trouble shoot to resolve any problem.”

Dsc 2142

If you are interested in the reliability and support that comes with owning a Moonen, please contact us. A visit to our shipyard in the Netherlands will confirm the quality of our work and the dedication of our team.

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