The first Moonen 110 Mustique (34m/279GT) has completed a week of sea trials including a successful endurance test off the Dutch coast on the North Sea. We are completing the long-range steel yacht at our shipyard in the Netherlands. The Mustique YN202 is available for delivery on May 31, ready to enjoy the summer.

Moonen Yachts Project Manager John Bechtold was very satisfied with the yacht’s performance at sea. “It’s always exciting to take a brand new design out for the first time. She performed very well at sea, very stable and comfortable. We really noticed how low the noise and vibrations levels are. She’s a beautiful boat.”

The Mustique recaptures the impeccable quality and proven ocean-going performance of past generations of Moonen yachts, with more space, future-proof technology and more economical operation as low as 60 litres (16 US gallons) per hour. 

Commercial Director Victor Caminada says the trials are an important milestone. “The Moonen 110 Mustique is a timeless beauty that exemplifies Dutch design excellence. For us that means beautifully designed spaces to be in, but also precision engineering and very high quality craftsmanship. For example the Owner Stateroom is exceptional thanks to both the sweeping 180-degree panoramic views as well as the high comfort levels. When the yacht is at anchor with the generator running, the Owner Stateroom will have a noise level of just 43dB(A).” 

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The Mustique YN202 is for sale at EUR 17 million excluding VAT. See more about the Moonen 110 Mustique for full specifications, deck layouts and imagery of the completed yacht.

Yn202 Moonen 110 Sea Trials (2)@2x

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