We are close to finalising the design of our latest Martinique’s, YN205, interiors. We are delighted to share the design concepts with you. Of course, with 15 months to go before delivery there are opportunities for an owner to work with us to refine the interiors to their own tastes and use of the yacht. The earlier this can happen the greater the flexibility the owner has over the finished product.

The in-build Moonen 122 Martinique (37.4m/345GT) is available for sale. We are working with the talented team at Hollander Yacht Design to create her custom interiors.

The exquisite style and quality of craftsmanship will be unmistakably Moonen.

The interior design is refined, modern and spacious with natural light and commanding views while providing a private haven.

Our in-house interior engineering, carpentry, paint shop and outfitting teams provide exceptional finishes. Beauty, art and function. When you walk on board a Moonen you understand the dedication to quality.

The great advantage of having our own in-house experts is that we can respond quickly and flexibly to owner requests throughout the rest of the build.

Mock Up Martinique Brochure 1

Request the updated Martinique YN205 brochure to find out about her design, features and customisation.

Request brochure YN205

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